5 reasons for emailing your brand marketing content

Email direct mail outs amplify reach & opportunities
Email direct mail outs amplify brand reach & business opportunities

With so many high-tech channels now available to transmit brand marketing content, the standard email direct mail out is sometimes overlooked. Email messaging has been around a lot longer than most social media platforms and smart phone functions. It was also available to the masses long before self-constructed websites. Yet perhaps this is why it can be neglected in online marketing campaigns – the old cliché of taking for granted what’s readily available to us.

There are many reasons why email direct mail outs should be an integral part of most business’s and individual’s brand marketing strategy – when used correctly. A well-structured, customer targeted email that’s been planned out before it’s sent out is just as likely – if not more – to have immediate brand impact.

Here are five key reasons why it’s worth considering incorporating marketing emails into your online marketing strategy:

Less effort1. Less time, cost and effort

Admittedly, posting on most social media sites is reasonably effortless, but there’s no guarantee you’re going to directly communicate with your target audience. In contrast, an email direct mail out is going to reach your preferred audience, and is also far more time-efficient and cost-effective than a postal direct mail out. Just ensure it’s instantly clear in the subject line what your email is about and why it’s worth reading.

2. No time delays and it’s traceable

The beauty of email direct mail out is that it’s an immediate transmission of your brand marketing content, and you can track who’s viewed your information. This allows you to strategise when the ideal time of day (or night) is to send your email, and enables you to interpret what headings and content are most impactful. Just be careful not to send email direct mail outs out too often – it’s all about brand engagement, not disengagement.

Targets3. More targeted and personalised – and less invasive

The reduced time and effort (and cost) required to devise and transmit an email direct mail out means you can be more resourceful in personalising your marketing content. The email channel also allows the recipient to read the message in their own time, and content tailored to their needs with eye-catching corresponding imagery is more likely to engage.


4. Easier sharing of your brand marketing content

The ‘forward’ button on email enables information to be redirected or passed on to other potential audience members with minimal fuss. Furthermore, as with a regular blog writing routine, the more you purposefully communicate with your target audience via email direct mail outs, the more likely you are to first come to mind when a business opportunity arises.Paperless

5. Aligns with modern paperless society

The common trend in most business operations of today is to reduce paper wastage, and email direct mail outs are in full compliance with this. Thus, your brand and your online marketing content are more likely to be perceived as best-practice and environmentally considerate when delivered electronically.

Here at Walton’s Words, we’ve written a range of online marketing content that is customer targeted (and keyword optimised) – including blogs, direct mail outs and articles. In addition to SEOs, the usual mantra applies to your brand marketing content about always addressing the target audience’s needs.

If you’ve been considering enhancing your brand presence and reach online (as an individual or business), we’d be happy to discuss how we could potentially assist. Give us a call or drop us a line if you’d like to chat further.

Jeanette Walton received a Writing Expertise Acknowledgement via resumé work published in 7th edition of Resumes for Dummies

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