“At about 11:30 I submitted the resume Jeanette wrote for me to one of the companies I had sent through to you, and half an hour later the recruiter called me to say that mine is the best resume he has seen despite a large number of applications.”
[Jessica Florent, Education & Training Specialist]

“The fact that every job I’ve applied for in the last two months (roughly 6-7 job applications) I’ve managed to secure interviews for every one of them, gives me a great deal of confidence that my skills and experience are highly sought after across Government. A lot of that thanks goes to you Jeanette, as I couldn’t have done it without your help! You have a rare and very unique ability to write job applications and I’ll continue to advocate your services throughout my network of peers, colleagues and friends.  It’s cost a little but it’s been worth every cent! My career hasn’t been left to chance!
[Legal & Regulatory Investigator]

“Jeanette is a true professional, very helpful and always available for any questions … She took the time to develop a deep understanding of my goals and then created the resume aimed to appeal to my target companies. Jeanette created a resume that was visually appealing, shaped a compelling narrative about my career and experience and highlighted my value as a worker, and was able to present my transferable skills, experience and play to my strengths to get the job I wanted. In addition, Jeanette was able to adapt my career resume for different types of roles, including more senior positions.”
[Maggie Zotos, Various Roles]

“Thank you so much for this wonderful cover letter and extra tips. I wish I had such a concise way with words … This is my third try with having a ‘pro’ have a go at my cover letter over in the recent years, and I think this the best one hands down.”
[Veronica Clarke, Mortgage Broker]

“I’m really happy with what you’ve put together especially given the limited information I provided. I do think it’s a true reflection of my abilities and not far-fetched. So I’m really happy with the investment I made. I couldn’t have done this myself. Even the last resume that I paid for which I sent you was not on par with this one.”
[Senior Project Manager]

“I thought you might like to know that my job application response rate is up since using your resume and cover wording. It’s working a treat.”
[Relationship Specialist]

“Thank you so much! I would have never been able to get through this without you. Have been looking for ages for someone to challenge me on my work experience statements, and I am very happy to have met you and worked with you on my professional profile.”
[Program Manager]

“Within one month of Jeanette revamping my LI profile, I had received 20+ connection requests and more than tripled how often I showed up in search results. Very impressed with her keyword optimisation knowledge, and now feeling a whole lot more confident about how I’m presenting myself to industry networks and potential clients on this professional forum.”
[Lisa Phillips, Mortgage Broker]

“I held my breath when I first read your resume, my first thought was, it’s not me, this is someone else’s resume! I think you have such a talent, and even a sixth sense, for weaving all the info together. Thank you so much, I would never have been able to construct such a great résumé.”
[Sue Miller, Sea Changer]

“I found Jeanette to be focused and professional in her approach to building my resume to a high quality document. I feel confident and proud of my resume as it truly reflects and highlights my unique skill set as an Anthropologist. I highly recommend Walton Services – a true expert with words. Thanks Jeanette.”
[Art Schipf, Anthropology Consultant]

“I was so impressed when I received my CV (resume). I wanted to hire me! I had excellent feedback from recruiters, especially the clarity with which key competencies were described and achievements were highlighted. I have spent hundreds using other CV writing services before, and none have impressed and provided the results that this one has. I have secured a brilliant role which could only have been achieved through an excellent resume to get my foot in the door. Many thanks!”
[Ella Scorringe, Business Services Manager]

“I was hoping that my new CV would help me transition from a technical role into a managerial role. Today I was offered a role as a senior manager with a salary that is double what I have been getting for the past few years.”
[Rhys Donoghue, Solutions Architect]

“Jeanette’s writing expertise is reflected in not only the quality of the end products, but the rate of success to which applications succeed in securing interviews. In my case a new resume and cover letter was the true litmus test of her talents in helping me stand out above others. Jeanette’s work on my job applications helped me secure a job interview very quickly. I applied for three positions at the same time and received an interview for one of the roles. So that’s a positive success ratio of 1:3.  Furthermore, Jeanette is easy to work with, professional and efficient. I would not hesitate in recommending her services to anyone needing support with their job applications.”
[Josie Bruzzese, L&D Business Partner]

“I just wanted to let you know that I applied for a job yesterday and I heard from the recruitment agency almost immediately that I have a job interview tomorrow! I put it down to the amazing CV!!”
[Belinda Payne, Client Services Officer]

“Initially, I was a bit reluctant to get my CV and cover letter done since it was way over my budget. I tried another company and the experience was an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, I came across your fine work with my selection criteria and I couldn’t resist getting my CV and cover letter to be written by you even though it was over my budget. I am extremely happy that I went ahead and did it. You really have a way with words! I highly appreciate the time you took to call me and enquire about everything on my CV to get a clear idea about my job and what I wanted. Your sincerity reflected in your writing. Your way of work was extremely professional. Thanks a lot Jeanette!”

“Thanks a lot for your help in rewriting my resume. It gave me the confidence to keep applying. I’d been applying for two years and things started changing after you gave my resume a makeover!”
[Aswathi Hari, Resident Medical Officer]