Terms and Conditions



The turnaround and commencement times specified in Walton’s Words’ initial email to the client, and/or agreed in any emails thereafter, applies. All completion dates assume that the client is available to respond within approximately 2 days with worksheets/information forms and answers to additional questions. It is important that the project is completed within the agreed timeframe, both to meet the client’s needs and to avoid conflicts with other scheduled work. All work will be completed in a timely manner subject to circumstances beyond Walton’s Words’ control.

Client Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the client, and in the client’s best interests, to supply Walton’s Words with all requested information and to work collaboratively to complete a custom package that reflects each individual’s style, strengths and career history. Walton’s Words relies on active client participation in this process to achieve the best outcome possible for all concerned.

Project Deadlines/Timeframes

Unless other arrangements are made, the client agrees to finalise the contracted documents and services (or accept work as written) within 14 days from the date of receipt of the first draft. The client also agrees that he/she is solely responsible for meeting this deadline and that Walton’s Words is neither liable nor responsible for incorporating any changes requested by the client after the expiration of the 14-day time period.


Walton’s Words advises that estimates and prices are valid for one month from the time of quotation. If work on a project has not yet commenced or is delayed due to the client not providing requested information for one month or longer, fees may be subject to review/increase.

Protected Property Rights

The client may edit their own documents for distribution. The client further understands that unless otherwise specified, Walton’s Words reserves the right to use the client’s career documents as samples in print and/or online, with all identifying client information (client name, company names, titles, dates and any personally identifiable facts and achievements) amended to protect client anonymity. The client reserves the right to refuse the use of anonymous samples by advising Walton’s Words that they withdraw this phrase in this agreement.


Up to two sets of edits (based on original material provided) are included in the quoted fee. Edits do not include new content. More than two sets of edits or additional writing will mean reworking the documents and additional consultation/writing fees may apply. Any significant changes from the original draft provided will incur additional fees as this constitutes a completely different document.


The client is asked to check all data for accuracy and completeness. If corrections are needed, the client is asked to raise them with Walton’s Words. Walton’s Words is not responsible for errors or omissions that are ‘missed’ during the client proofreading process. Walton’s Words assumes no liability after the document has been proofread by the client.

Liability Disclaimer

Walton’s Words is not liable for information obtained from a client that is inaccurate or incorrect. Walton’s Words does not research or investigate any information given by the client and assumes the client has been truthful in all areas. The client will indemnify and hold Walton’s Words free and harmless from any obligations, costs, claims, judgements or legal fees arising from, growing out of, or in any way connected with the services rendered to the client under the terms of this agreement.

Employment Disclaimer

Walton’s Words does not guarantee job placement, nor employment success. Our clients’ successes are dependent upon the effort, commitment and diligence they put into fully integrating the career documents Walton’s Words has composed with best-practice job search strategies. Outcomes and successes are affected by many external variables including market volatility, local and national economies, market saturation for a particular industry, and a client’s level of experience, adaptability to workforce changes, skillsets, or continued motivation.

Electronic Files

Walton’s Words cannot guarantee the compatibility of computer files with client systems or that documents will retain their original formatting features. Due to the varying nature of computer word processing software and the page alterations that can take place from computer to computer, based on printer and computer recognition, Walton’s Words cannot guarantee that documents will appear perfectly on every computer screen. While Walton’s Words takes every step to ensure client satisfaction, some issues are beyond Walton’s Words’ control and require the client to research and find solutions independently.

Payment and Refund Policy

By engaging Walton’s Words, the client acknowledges that fees are for personalised services and as such are non-refundable. Project cancellation by the client after payment and prior to completion will result in a partial refund of the payment made to compensate Walton’s Words for time spent preparing in advance of and for time spent in conducting preparatory writing work. The exact refund amount will be determined by Walton’s Words based on a reasonable estimate of the time already spent on the project (including consultation time) and work completed at the time of cancellation. Walton’s Words also retains the right to cancel any project at any time (with an explanation provided in writing to the client), and agrees to issue a project refund to the client as result of the cancellation. The client shall hold Walton’s Words harmless for any project that is cancelled prior to completion.


Walton’s Words will maintain the confidentiality of all of the client’s information, including personal contact information and professional background.


By purchasing a resume package and/or providing instructions to Walton’s Words, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this agreement.