3 clear motivators for interspersing imagery in online marketing content

Our brain processes imagery faster than text
Our brain processes imagery faster than text

Former studies have revealed that most readers will mentally process visuals 600,000 times faster than text. That’s a pretty strong motivator for ensuring that well-thought-out imagery is always included across your online marketing strategy. Whether it’s your website, monthly blog or newsletter, or daily social media postings, be sure to use that ‘15-second electronic window’ wisely (see previous blog about quickly engaging readers).

At a time where many of us feel exhausted by information overkill, the average online reader doesn’t want to be bogged down in words. You’ve generally got about 15 seconds to convince these readers that the information you’re sharing is worth sticking around for.

Let's be reasonable

Clearly that extra day for reading is never going to be a reality, so here are three powerful reasons why imagery in your online marketing content is essential.

Language barriers1) Pictures transcend language and evoke emotions

With heavyweight online mediums like LinkedIn escalating our global marketing ability , appropriate images can help translate our marketing messages. Using the right pictures to accompany online marketing content can also stimulate the target reader reactions we’re seeking – such as a sense of urgency or feelings of like-mindedness.

2) Online marketing imagery will engage and resonate

Many global brands strategically use visuals to draw in and involve their target customers. Today’s information overload often equates to reader boredom – particularly for online scan readers – but marketing content broken up with imagery can help maintain attention. Choose visuals that clarify and summarise your online marketing content, providing instant messages to the online reader.

Increased brand exposure3) Visual online marketing content increases exposure

Including complementary images with written marketing content ramps ups your online reach, particularly if you add keyword-optimised captions to each picture. Google and other search engines are more likely to send traffic your way when there are multiple keyword options in your online marketing content. There’s also a greater likelihood of readers returning to your work if you’ve used visuals that encourage them to browse longer and consider your information further, and if you progressively keep your website content up-to-date.

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Jeanette Walton received a Writing Expertise Acknowledgement via resumé work published in 7th edition of Resumes for Dummies

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