Four jump-out justifications for sustaining a blog writing routine

Regular blogs = increased business opportunities
Regular blog writing = increased business opportunities

Regular blogging can often feel like a whole lot of time and effort for mostly intangible rewards. First you have to keep coming up with topics to write about – then you have to keep analysing the platforms you’re posting your blogs on. Am I using the right keywords to attract online traffic? Am I reaching my target audience?

I don’t think many would disagree that blog writing requires commitment and nous, but I still believe the potential benefits from consistently writing blogs outweigh the drawbacks. The online readership is vast and ever-growing, and the more you leverage this via a range of marketing content, the more likely you are to develop business prospects.

As a regular blog writer for both my own and others businesses, I believe four jump-out justifications for routinely posting online articles are as follows.

1) You’ll be top-of-mind as opportunities arise

If you’re consistently posting blogs, at least some of what you’re writing about is going to resonate with readers. Once such an association has been established, they’re more likely to take notice of and remember the products/services you’re offering.

2) Industry expertise attracts and sells

Consistent blog writing is also an ideal marketing channel for showcasing your depth of knowledge and your passion towards your areas of expertise. Don’t feel you have to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every time you write a blog, but be sure to do your research and put your own spin on each topic. 

3) Conducting research increases your confidence

As part of your blog writing strategy, it’s beneficial to research what your competitors are writing about and to keep track of the latest trends and customer needs via industry newsletters, publications, etc. You’ll then feel more confident that what you’re writing about in your blog is pertinent and contemporary. 

4) Greater online interaction = higher search rankings

The more interactive you are online (e.g. social media, electronic publications, websites), the more ‘electronically popular’ you’re likely to become. An online marketing strategy involving multi-platform blogs can increase your audience spread and lead to improved search engine recognition. 

Walton’s Words has extensive experience in writing blogs and other marketing content for a range of brands and industries. We can help you come up with an electronic marketing strategy that increases your online presence and attracts a more expansive readership. Drop us a line or call us if you’d like to discuss your blog writing or other marketing content needs further.

Jeanette Walton received a Writing Expertise Acknowledgement via resumé work published in 7th edition of Resumes for Dummies

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