Benefits of a themed LinkedIn marketing strategy

LinkedIn strategy involves a range of pieces
LinkedIn strategy involves a range of pieces

I recently read that LinkedIn membership is now estimated to be 380+ million – a hefty figure that green-lights immense global networking and marketing opportunities for businesses (like never before). This also means that for most organisations, the need to create a LinkedIn presence via both individual profiles and a company page is even more prevalent.

Ask yourself this: If you’ve already got a LinkedIn company page for your business, are you leveraging yours and other staff members LinkedIn profiles to further promote and engage? As I touched on in an earlier blog in relation to individual LinkedIn profiles, the marketing opportunities this professional social medium offers are there to be taken full advantage of.

You’ll present a united front on LinkedIn

Ensuring your staff’s LinkedIn profiles (at least the main summary and relevant work history) are streamlined into the company ideology you’ve included in your LinkedIn company page will further validate your content. It may also attract potential employees as well as customers who ‘like what they see’ across your team-oriented LinkedIn marketing strategy.

*Also asking staff members to ‘follow’ your LinkedIn company page will extend the reach of your business postings and updates.

You’ll be easier to find on LinkedIn

As part of the streamlining of your business’s LinkedIn company page and staff members’ LinkedIn profiles, using similar industry keywords across the content will enhance your search rankings. The key products, services and strengths your business is promoting will be more likely to appear across LinkedIn search expeditions.

*See my former blog on the importance of keyword optimisation in most online marketing strategies.

You’ll engage more with the LinkedIn community

In line with higher search rankings and extended reach on LinkedIn, the massive online community existing on this forum will be easier to engage with. Any online marketing strategy, whether it’s your website or LinkedIn company page, should incorporate regular updates and interactions. Grow your online community and be proactive towards their feedback.

*Consider collaborating with staff on LinkedIn marketing strategies, which will help confirm your business’s cohesiveness.

Walton’s Words has produced LinkedIn content across a range of roles and industries, including LinkedIn company pages and individual LinkedIn profiles. We’ll work with you to ensure your professional personality shines through, using keywords to optimise your searchability and connectability. Drop us a line or give us a call if you’d like to discuss your LinkedIn marketing needs further.

Jeanette Walton received a Writing Expertise Acknowledgement via resumé work published in 7th edition of Resumes for Dummies

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