Why website health checks boost online marketing

Walton's Words website health check will increase findability & engagement
Walton’s Words website health checks increase findability & engagement

Along with LinkedIn and other social media, a website is an essential online marketing tool to professionally promote your brand. Yet with so many businesses (and even individuals) tapping into this online marketing space, and so many readers seeking a quick information fix, standing out from the competition can be challenging.

In addition to ensuring your website content adequately sells your brand’s offerings, strategically optimising this online marketing tool is a must. For instance, you’re less likely to maintain reader attention if there’s a typo on the first line of your website content – this reeks of unprofessionalism and lack of care. In contrast, if your website content is surrounded by sufficient white space and encourages interaction across pages, you’re more likely to maintain reader interest.

Walton’s Words can provide a website health check that will help ensure your online marketing content is attracting and maintaining reader attention – and follow-up. Areas that would be covered as part of the website health check include the following:

Typos and inconsistencies deter readers. Even though there’s greater flexibility in online marketing content, inconsistent spelling, capitalisation and the like will discourage audience engagement. The online reader is more likely to feel attuned with website content where care has been taken to ensure it’s consistent, without error and free flowing. A consistent structure across your web pages (e.g. headings) will also convey order and efficiency (see Walton’s Words website).

Personality, keywords & white space will unlock readers
Personality, keywords & white space will unlock readers

Conversational website content is more approachable. While it’s important to maintain a professional image across online marketing content, most electronic readers relate better to a more personalised tone. In website content, it’s okay to use contractions and to start sentences with And, while keeping it audience appropriate.

Less is more for engaging online readers. White space and text broken up by images, bulleted lists, pop-up boxes, etc. are enticing in most online marketing content, including websites. Many of us are time-challenged and data-overloaded, so really don’t want to have read through multiple paragraphs of text to find the info we’re seeking. Visuals and subheadings that navigate, along with hyperlinks and pop-up boxes that expand are highly attractive in website content.

Strategic keywords increase search rankings.  In addition to greater reader engagement via hyperlinks, keyword optimisation across website content will contribute to stronger brand visibility. Product and service relevant keywords tactically inserted across each web page –don’t overdo it – will likely steer more Google and other online search engine traffic to your website.

With extensive experience in both editing and copywriting across a range of industries, Walton’s Words is adequately equipped to conduct an insightful and rewarding website health check. With a passion for designing marketing content that drives sales and a fixation for ensuring accurate content to maintain engagement, you’ll be provided with feedback that gets results. Drop us a line or give us a call  if you’d like to discuss a potential health check of your website content.

Jeanette Walton received a Writing Expertise Acknowledgement via resumé work published in 7th edition of Resumes for Dummies

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