LinkedIn marketing = professional growth

LinkedIn marketing = professional growth

Most professionally ambitious businesses and individuals would be crazy not to include LinkedIn in their toolbox of online marketing tricks. Not that it should ever be used to deceive or mislead, but it’s an online tool that can be tailored and moulded to best highlight your skills and offerings.

Treat your LinkedIn profile like an online marketing piece and you’re more likely to achieve or even exceed your career expectations. It’s all about what you choose to include in your content, always keeping in mind the audience/s you’re targeting and how you can attract and captivate them.

Variety is key in online searches: Most of us know that a keyword-optimised LinkedIn profile, just like any other online marketing content, is going to increase our chances of being discovered. However, it’s not always easy to decipher which words work best. But if we at least use multiple variations of the same keyword or skill, our search scope should grow. For instance, as an editor, I could also use editing or proofreading, and maybe even specialties like thesis editing.

Keep it common: Something else that should be considered for online search benefits is the use of names in your LinkedIn profile. This includes your given name, as well as company and position names. For instance, if you’ve got a common name that’s spelt another way (Jon vs. John), consider also including the other version in brackets. Likewise, ensure your company and job title names are the oft-used versions, perhaps by assessing competitors’ and/or colleagues’ profiles.

Tweak dates as necessary: If you feel that the 30-40 year gap since you completed your tertiary studies could be held against you, leave the dates out. In addition, if you’re currently unemployed but don’t want to be deemed as ‘out of touch’, consider listing a project or other type of recent work with a current end date.

Be bold and stand out: Whether it’s noting tertiary acronyms after your surname or posting a photo with a twist, think about how you can make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest. Millions of people are using LinkedIn for career growth, so conveying uniqueness is essential.

Use recommendations wisely: High-quality, career-relevant testimonials will confirm that what you’re marketing in your LinkedIn profile is as much ‘walk the talk’ as it is ‘talk the talk’. Strive for around 3-5 testimonials for each applicable role, and perhaps guide the referees on what you’d like them to focus on.

Make yourself accessible: Recruiters and customers may be more likely to handpick your LinkedIn profile if your contact details are instantly at hand. In addition to the Contact Info section, consider including them in other places where the reader will easily locate them.

An online marketing strategy that includes LinkedIn is essential to professional growth across most employment industries. Use it to strategically sell yourself or your business, and you’ll likely increase your professional opportunities two-fold.

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