5 sure-fire ways to amplify your LinkedIn company page

LI company pageIs your business one of the 3 million LinkedIn company pages already in circulation? These company pages spread across 148+ different industries, and have the potential to reach 332 million+ LI members. With almost half of these members using LinkedIn daily, that translates to a whole lot of potential followers and customers.

A well-written, interactive LinkedIn company page has numerous benefits for most businesses, from increasing brand presence and customer following to attracting potential employees. It’s an ideal way to strengthen and sustain your business’s online community, in alliance with your website and other social media platforms.

Here are five pointers that should help increase your brand reputation via your LinkedIn company page.

1) Individualise your business offerings

In addition to your main LinkedIn company page, you can also create Showcase Pages to drill down into individual areas such as products/services. Categorising your offerings means you can better target your audience/s via case studies, blogs, how to’s, product/service reviews, etc. for that specific business offering.

However, before you start setting up 10 (maximum allowed) Showcase Pages, consider whether you have the resources to continually manage each one. You may find it more beneficial to start off with 1-2 Showcase Pages for your most popular products/services.

2) Use SEOs and links

LinkedIn company pages are very SEO-friendly and are complemented by Google’s favourable rankings of all things LinkedIn. Consider 4-6 keywords highly relevant to your business and brand, and use these across your page.

It’s also worth linking your LinkedIn company page with your other online marketing tools. For instance, add LinkedIn’s ‘follow us’ button to your business website to connect the two.

3) Showcase imagery and personality

Online audiences love visuals and your LinkedIn company page takes full advantage of this by positioning your business image at the top. Use a compelling, attractive image that encourages readers to move down to your company summary, and include a concise, brand-relevant headline that complements it.

Also consider using videos on your LinkedIn company page. A recent survey found that 52% of consumers feel more confident about a brand and its products/services if they’re informed via video format. Consider short-form demonstration, event or interview/testimonial videos.

Your LinkedIn company page is also an opportunity to show the ‘human side’ of your business, so try and keep the content personal, conversational and perhaps even fun.

4) Theme your staff’s LinkedIn profiles

Ask your employees to connect with/follow your LinkedIn company page, and consider theming the summary content of their individual LinkedIn profiles to align with the company’s goals, culture, etc. Company followers will not only have the opportunity to learn more about your business, but will also develop a sense of the type of people that run it. This could also prove beneficial for attracting potential employees (along with a fee-based Careers Page).

5) Engage with company followers

So once you’ve attracted followers, consistent engagement via your LinkedIn company page is essential. This interaction helps to spread your company’s presence further, such as via followers’ newsfeeds.

Add regular posts to your page – keep them short and sweet, and ask questions to encourage engagement. Also be sure to always answer any questions your followers post on your page.


Walton’s Words has broad experience in producing content for LinkedIn company pages and individual LinkedIn profiles, across a range of business types. We’d be happy to provide a health check or devise a plan for a LinkedIn company page that attracts and interacts, so drop us a line or give us a call if you’d like to discuss further.



Jeanette Walton received a Writing Expertise Acknowledgement via resumé work published in 7th edition of Resumes for Dummies

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