4 reasons why you should reach out to the recruiter

The job application process can no doubt be taxing and time-consuming, not to mention nerve-wracking. But there are benefits from taking your time with each submission. As tempting as it might be to use a ‘blanket version’ resume and cover letter to apply for each role. There are often differences in recruiter requests and job expectations that should first be considered.

Most job ads or position descriptions include contact details for any queries you may have as a prospective job candidate. Where there are any doubts about job relevance and/or job application requirements, it’s worth reaching out to the recruiter before preparing and submitting your job application.

  • 1) It’ll help you to decide on whether to apply

If you’re debating whether you’ll be the right fit for a role, seek out clarification from the recruiter. For example, while you may not fully align with the specified job criteria, you may have transferrable capabilities and experience the recruiter (and prospective employer) would be interested in. A professional resume writer could then help you to ‘tease these out’ and highlight them in your job-tailored career documentation.

  • 2) You’ll have intel on what content to provide

The recruiter will be able to provide insights on what information you should prioritise and expand on in your job application. For example, the employer is particularly interested in hiring someone with strong knowledge of specific software or with hands-on experience in team leadership and/or project management. If working with a professional resume writer on your relevant career documentation, this will be useful intel for them to factor in.

  • 3) Any ‘how to apply’ considerations will be clarified

Sometimes there are either no ‘how to apply’ instructions or it’s unclear on what the expectations are. This is often the case for key selection criteria, which are generally addressed via a cover letter, a statement or individual half-page responses. It’s therefore best to check with the recruiter to ensure your application is compliant. You only have a small amount of time to convince the recruiter you’re a stand-out applicant.

  • 4) You’re more likely to be ‘recruiter top of mind’

Another potential benefit from directly consulting with the recruiter is that you’ve had an opportunity to introduce yourself and to advocate your interest in the role. This means there’s a stronger chance of you being recalled by the recruiter when they are sorting through the job applications. It could also demonstrate your willingness to go further when undertaking a task, along with your diligence in ensuring proficiency and precision.

If you treat each job application as a priority project, involving well-considered planning and consultation, you’re highly likely to reap the career rewards.


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Jeanette Walton received a Writing Expertise Acknowledgement via resumé work published in 7th edition of Resumes for Dummies

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