12 essential professional and social management skills – making it in the modern world

Thomas Frey, Google’s top-rated futurist speaker, has put together a list of 12 key skills he believes are needed to successfully traverse our high-tech world – both now and in the future. Based on his predictions, it’s time to start embracing and managing the ever-changing technology encountered both personally and professionally, to ensure we’re not left bewildered and behind.

The Dunbar Number theory developed in the 1990s argued that 150 was the optimum number of relationships most human beings can maintain at the one time. Yet within only two decades, the online communication methods most of us now have access to have caused this maximum to become both outdone and outdated. Not surprisingly, relationship management is one of the 12 key management skills listed by Frey.

SkillsDon’t let technology distract: With recent statistics citing 220+ as the average number of times most smartphone users check their phone per day, it’s easy to guess why distraction management tops the list. It’s recommended that we strive to avoid being known as online FOMO’rs (aka fear of missing out’rs) – instead keeping our eye on what’s going on directly in front of us rather than below on our screens.

Don’t just communicate online: Even though phone texting and computer emailing have become commonplace, good old-fashioned verbal, face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) communication management skills are still prized by most employers and customers. Frey believes it’s essential as humans that we don’t lose our innate ability to pick up the phone or pay a personal visit to have that high-impact conversation.

Don’t destroy your reputation online: As I touched on in a previous blog about the pitfalls of social media, if you’re active online you’re going to be easily found online. Hence reputation management is a key skill cited by Frey. With around 80% of divorce lawyers searching Facebook for evidence, and 65% of recruiters turning their nose up at social media profanities, the time to adequately manage your online brand reputation is well and truly upon us.

The other 8 management skills listed by Frey are as follows:

– Emerging skills management

– Privacy management

– Information management (particularly overload)

– Opportunity management

– Technology management

– Legacy management

– Money management

– Time management

In line with several of these skills, Walton’s Words can help you to establish a consistent online brand image and reputation – from LinkedIn profiles to website content to newsletters and mail outs. Drop us a line or give us a call if you’d like to discuss any relevant online marketing or branding content further.

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